ethically & independently handmade in Los Angeles, CA


  Based out of Los Angeles, CA, 27-year-old creative director and lead designer Marialia Pacitto has been creating designs with a strong passion and interest in fashion since the beginning of her time. From cutting up and re-constructing her own clothing as a child, to starting her own self-titled company whilst still a high school student, the strong desire and craze she has to change an entire industry is obvious. Without any sort of formal training or education, this completely self-taught designer proves that her passions are truly a natural talent. By producing her first collection and fashion show by the age of 18, Marialia went on to unveil her first full collection at Los Angeles Fashion Week for the first time at the age of 20- making her one of the youngest designers ever to showcase.

          in 2015, the designer decided to make a big change to her brand of 8 years by re-emerging as an ethical fashion label; priding herself in its "sweatshop free" and "handmade" production practices. By becoming an advocate for sustainably-made clothing and taking a public stance against the overwhelming fast-fashion industry, she is zealously able to spread awareness of a very-real world issue in today's fashion industry and fight for a much-needed change. "I am history in the making," says the designer.

     Marialia Pacitto, also known as LIA MARIA, grew up in both southern Italy and Los Angeles, and currently resides in the city. From her couture creations, flawless ready-to-wear collections, and custom costume design & styling for some of your favorite celebrities, musicians, and brands, this young entrepreneur and fashion prodigy is determined to take her growing empire and namesake to the extreme; eagerly turning her vivid dreams of becoming an iconic fashion artist, into a beautiful reality.