ethically & independently handmade in Los Angeles, CA

 MARIALIA is an alternative, ahead-of-the-trend fashion label created in Los Angeles, CA by Italian-American fashion designer marialia pacitto. The MARIALIA brand strives to create fashion-forward products that mix unique characteristics with quality. For the rock star fashionista in all of us, the MARIALIA appeal is best noted as "barbie mixed with rock and roll" -quirky, feminine, and chic with an alluring, rebellious edge. Since the MARIALIA brand officially launched in 2006, it continues to expand and turn its one-of-a-kind fashion empire into a soon-to-be iconic American fashion label.

In 2015, the MARIALIA brand decided to combine the designer's philosophical passions into the company by becoming one of the first indie labels to go ethical. at the forefront of this budding slow fashion movement, marialia prides itself on it's ethical production and business practices, and provides a much-needed breath of fresh air in an industry that has become overwhelmed with fast, disposable fashion.

#EthicalFashion #SweatshopFree